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Aware Zone

With a passion for T-shirts, I have invested in print-on-demand equipment, enabling me to swiftly bring my design ideas to life. This means I can conceive a design in the morning and have it printed within an hour. I am thrilled to share some of the designs I have been developing. My vision is to create an art-based T-shirt company that showcases not only my own work but also that of other talented artists.

Patrick Tilley - The Sunday Times

These award-winning posters were originally designed by my father in the 1960s. As a heartfelt tribute to him, I have transformed them into a collection of T-shirts. The original campaign aimed to portray the quality associated with the readership of the Sunday Times.

Old Masters

I have reimagined these classic paintings to create contemporary state-of-the-art T-shirts. The original works were painted by renowned artists such as Cot, Da Vinci, Fantin Latour, Reni, Murillo, and Ingres.

Ant Art

I have crafted a captivating series of portraits inspired by ants, exploring the intriguing concept of minuscule individuals collectively forming intricate creations. It fascinates me how these tiny beings, when unified in thought, can manifest such intricate beauty.

Op Art

Embracing Classic Op Art Designs and Captivating Color Palettes, I Have Curated an Exquisite Series of Wearable Art. This collection transcends commercial motives, simply aiming to exude a contemporary and effortlessly cool aesthetic that resonates with individuals from all walks of life


Trash Art - Finding the art in trash

In our modern society, characterised by disposable habits and thoughtless discards, I find myself compelled to uncover the artistic essence hidden within.


Just as Pop artists transformed commercial brands into art, I am captivated by the idea of transforming trash itself into a captivating form of artistic expression. Multimillion-pound campaigns, once towering symbols of brand power, take on new meaning when they are crushed and discarded, inviting us to reflect on our consumerist culture and the potential for artistic rebirth within the discarded remnants.

Flower Power

Enthralled by the Intrinsic beauty of nature, I have crafted a series of T-shirts Inspired by my own photographs.

Adrian Boot - Urban image collection


This series showcases the collaborative work between Adrian Boot, one of Britain's most renowned music photographers, and myself, where I have been granted the privilege to artistically manipulate his captivating photographs. With a career that commenced in the early 1970s, Adrian has captured iconic moments featuring some of the most celebrated figures in the world of music.

The Retro T shirt Company

This personal project emerged from my deep affection for the wacky advertisements found in 1950s and 1960s magazines, and I saw tremendous potential in transforming them into a captivating range of T-shirts. Inspired by the era's distinctive charm, I embarked on creating a brand name and logo that would encapsulate the essence of this collection.

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