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Bob Marley

Originally designed for the Rebel Music album I wanted to create a militant logo graphic that symbolised revolution. It was adopted by the Marley estate and trademarked as the official Bob Marley brand.


The logo was created around 3 basic elements - The rising sun, A comic style treatment to the typography and the word Manga written in a calligraphic Japanese style. The idea was to make the brand look as authentic as possible. Working with Josh Riley and my Japanese make up artist Michi who wrote the word manga in a brush style for me we created a graphic that became one of the most recognisable film brands around.

Island Records New York Palm Tree

This logo came together by accident. I'd been experimenting with combining a cross processing photographic effect and negative images of New York skylines. By accident this image looked both like a palm tree and a city skyline. It was then that I realised it could make a great contemporary Island logo. 


We'd been working with RUN DMC on a campaign and a T shirt was needed. It was put together very quickly without a huge amount of thought. Again it worked so well that the band adopted it as their main logo and trademark.  

Antilles​ Jazz

I'd met contemporary sculpture Tom Dixon who at the was making incredible sculptures from found materials. Island had just set up a Jazz label run by Rob Partridge. I asked Tom to create a Jazz sculpture with the intention of using it as the house bag and main promo image for the label. Photographed by Peter Ashworth the result was outstanding.


4th + B'dway - Dance label

The name came from Islands office location in New York. We were way ahead of our time in terms of creating merchandising around a labels identity. I designed the logo and Stephanie Nash designed the merchandising. Vidal Sassoon made some wigs and Mike Prior took the photographs. 



This was the very first design job I ever did for Island Records.  I was given an office to work out of and a day to come up with it which was a shock to the system as having just left art college where I would have had 2 weeks! What really blew me away was that the logo was printed on T shirts the Island football team wore including star player Bob Marley. 

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