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Bob Marley & The Wailers - One Love

The video clip accompanying this message showcases a personal project that was inspired by Bob Marley's iconic song 'One Love'. The project is a digital portrait that echoes Marley's message of peace, love, and unity. The portrait is a mosaic made up of handcrafted calligraphy and digital typography, using the words 'one love' in over 100 different languages.

The animation begins with a blank canvas, and as the letters and calligraphy slowly animate, along with motion graphics and music, layers are built up until the unique digital portrait of Bob Marley is revealed.

The emotional impact of the tribute is further enhanced by Koolulam, an Israeli social activist group, who perform a moving rendition of 'One Love' in three languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and English) arranged in three-part vocal harmony. Their performance features 1,000 individuals singing the song, adding to the message of peace, love, and unity that Bob Marley's music embodies.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend

Still to this day it's the biggest selling Reggae album of all time. The campaign was created by my MD Dave Robinson who asked me to put together several sleeve ideas and then for the first time took them to a market research group where they asked 3 age groups what they thought. They were some great alternatives including an amazing shot by Annie Leibovitz which was used on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine with Marley's locks flying. At the time the general public weren't too sure about dreadlocks so no one went for it. They preferred the more tempered look where the locks weren't as prominent.

For the inner cover I had the idea to feature the legacy of what Marley left behind. So I gathered up all I could find in the Island offices, stamps, books, photos etc. but feeling I didn't have enough to make the shot, I went down the Portobello road and eventually found a market stall selling all kinds of bootleg Marley memorabilia. I bought the lot much to the surprise of the Rasta market trader. Little did he know he was going to play a major part in his hero's legacy.

Bob Marley Footwear -  New York, Times Square Billboard

Bob Marley - Rebel Music

The brief was Chris Blackwell wanted to produce a harder more militant album after the more easily listening Legend. So a much harder more revolutionary image was formed. We chose the image with Adrian Boot who had experimenting with colourising.  The revolutionary logo was also created: The idea was Marley's fist punching in the air, holding a Rasta flag displaying the lion of Judah in it's centre. The Inner spread was designed by ace designer Josh Riley who was part of my inhouse Island Art team.

Bob Marley - Branding

The album sold but was no way as popular as 'Legend' but what did work was the logo I created. This became the official Trademark / Brand for the Bob Marley Estate. 

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Lion Motive

The Lion motive  displayed on the Legend album cover was adopted and trademarked for Marley Coffee fresh from the Blue mountains of Jamaica.

Buffalo Soldier - Video

This was the first official video I directed. I'd always wanted to direct and used to make Jazz videos on Super 8 during photosession's with the likes of Courtney Pine and the Jazz warriors. Finally I got my chance when our general manager Dave Domleo asked me if I'd like to pitch for it, so I did and got the job. I recruited my brother Pierre who worked in the film business who held my hand through the process. We shot the clip using members of Aswad, Mikey Campbell and King Sounds in black park near Pinewood studios. Brian Lofthouse was the DOP and we brought in in under budget.  When it was finished I remember Dave handing me an envelop which had £300 in it which at the time for me was a fortune. 

Aware Zone

An art based T shirt company.

Promotional T shirt  

For the singe 'Three Little Birds'

The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley 

Photo: Adrian Boot

One Love 

Photo: Adrian Boot

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