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Steelheart 30th


30 years in the making Steelheart's 30th-anniversary album is finally here!


Featuring re-recorded and reimagined versions of their biggest hits, the album showcases the band's incredible musicianship and ability to create timeless music.


The front cover features a fantastic live shot of lead singer Mili surrounded by devoted followers, perfectly capturing the band's energy and charisma on stage.


On the back cover, fans can see the original Steelheart leather jacket from their first album cover, a nod to the band's roots.

The single, "In Love," features a still from a video co-directed by Mili, shot in and around Croatia and providing an intimate look into Mili's country of Birth.

Steelheart - Through Worlds Of Stardust

We created a 3D model of the brand logo for music videos and live stage backdrops.

Steelheart - Through Worlds Of Stardust

Campaign for the amazing rock artist Steelheart and his amazing new album.

With a limited amount of images to work with and in an age of pre computers so I had to figure something out quick. So taking the individual stills of the band I stretched and distorted them on a photocopy machine and then collaged them together. Using what we called a PMT machine I turned the image to line and created the distorted portrait of the band. I also designed several single covers including the single for Fire. I remember going backstage at a Hammersmith Palais gig to show them the proof of the cover and found myself in the company of Bruce Springsteen and Pete Townsend all giving my sleeve design the thumbs up. I thought at the time it doesn't get much better than this!



I was very fortunate to get to work with U2 right from the the very start of their career.

I went to see them at their first gig in London where we signed them. From then on I watched them grow from pub gigs to stadiums. Initially they would fly in from Dublin to see to see me and hang out in the art dept but it soon turned into me flying out to see them. Having put together their debut Boy campaign I got a call to ask if I could redesign the sleeve for the US as the whole pedophilia thing had blown up and putting a half naked boy on the cover wouldn't work for them. The problem was I had about a day to do it.

Hardwicke Circus - Hot Moves

I was approached by Dave Robinson, my former Managing Director from Island/Stiff Records, to come up with an idea for a record cover for a new band he was managing. After brainstorming, I conceived the concept of featuring the band members' faces and words on dice, with each side of the dice representing a different lyric from the song.

Excited about the idea, Dave approved of it, and I decided to bring the concept to life using a 3D program. To accomplish this, I enlisted the help of Grant Louden, a talented 3D artist, to build the entire design within the program. Together, we aimed to create a visually captivating and meaningful record cover that would reflect the essence of the band's music and lyrics.

Jim Capaldi - Something So Strong

II worked out a story line in the UK which was approved and then sent it to director Chris Blum in California who was to co direct it with me. The idea was to shoot 2 videos back to back. It first time I experienced filming in the states with what was a decent budget. Normally I'd be hands on all the way but here all I had to do was sit under a parasol drink in hand and watch a monitor to see how it being shot. Total luxury compared to what I was used to. I had a great time in San Francisco which we used as our base to do the editing and complete the films. When I returned to London and showed the promotional department the video they freaked out saying you couldn't have a horse die in the opening shot! I couldn't believe it as I'd shown them storyboards before I left and no one it seemd had really looked at it. The result was we recut the opening for TV However here's the video as it was originally conceived.

Jimi Hendrix - Cherokee

I was asked by Adrian Boot to create an image for a Jimi Hendrix exhibition. The idea for the show was to give a selection of established designers, image makers a choice of known photographs for them to reinterpret in an arty way. For me this had little appeal as it didn't feel like I'd be creating anything new. So I asked for some footage of Jimi from which I shot a series of stills.  Amongst them was a silhouette of Jimi which formed the basis of the image. With the help from artist Sharon Pinsker we arranged the stills to create the collage. 

Robert Palmer - Every Kind Of People

This was a bit problematic as I was asked to direct the video for Robert but on the day told he could only stay for 2 hours by his management. It was hard to believe as I'd planned a lot more to do with him.  He seemed okay to film but his manager insisted he had to go. As I was including lot's of different characters I asked Mica Paris and the rapper Tippa Irie to come along and ad lib through the track. We managed to record  them and add them to the mix. Robert was fine with it and so it was kept in.

Steelheart - Wait

Miljenko Matijevic is the real deal as far as rock musicians go. Blessed with an incredible voice and a real songwriting talent I was more than pleased to be asked to work on the video and record cover. We shot the video in one day using London as our backdrop. The single was released in Asia where Steelheart were already very popular and the single went to No.1 in several countries. Also on the "Wait" album, "We All Die Young", the first track, was in the motion picture, Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg. 

Peppercorn - Nice To You

Having been tasked with being the art director for the whole Peppercorn project. I conceived  a library's worth of images from creating a brand, getting guitars and posters painted by Sharon Pinsker to photographic images shot by Mike Prior for press ,posters and sleeve use. It was a full on project. Unfortunately they didn't get me to direct the videos, politics came into play with the management and record label, however despite having filmed Peppercorn at various shows I managed to edit together a video to her single showing her off as a live performer. Ironically they spent a small fortune on a  video for the same track that was totally forgeable.

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