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"ION Pure CBD: Embracing Celtic Purity and Natural Balance"

We were honoured to design the visual identity for ION Pure CBD, a range of CBD products deeply rooted in its Irish origins. Inspired by the Celtic meaning of "ION" as 'PURE,' we embarked on a journey to create a look that would reflect the pure essence of these beneficial products.

With CBD's multitude of health benefits in mind, we deliberately steered away from the conventional symbols associated with marijuana. Instead, we opted for a clean and approachable aesthetic, starting with the branding itself. The ION brand is anchored by a logo featuring the Celtic symbol Triquetra, also known as the Trinity Knot.

Dating back to the Iron Age, the Triquetra represents the sacred cycle of creation, innocence, and wisdom, embodied by the mother, maiden, and crone. Its symbolism

extends beyond personal transformation, as it also represents the fundamental forces of Earth, Fire, and Water or the harmonious elements of Earth, Sea, and Sky. Within its unbroken interlacing, lies the wish for an uninterrupted life cycle and longevity.

To further enhance the visual language, we commissioned the talented artist Manhar Chauhan to create a series of elegant line drawings. These minimalist illustrations capture the essence of purity, balance, and natural harmony that ION Pure CBD stands for.

By incorporating the Triquetra and Manhar Chauhan's artistic contributions, we have crafted a comprehensive visual identity that invites you to embrace the Celtic wisdom and experience the bountiful benefits of CBD. With each ION Pure CBD product, we offer you a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and tranquility, rooted in the ancient traditions of Ireland and the pure essence of nature.

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