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I was approached to create the branding for a new vape company called Leprechaun Liquids. Given the name's association with magical and fantastical elements, such as those found in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, I decided to design a logo that captured that essence. Drawing inspiration from those beloved franchises, I crafted a logo that reflected a whimsical and enchanting aesthetic.

To further enhance the brand's visual appeal and storytelling, I commissioned the talented artist Manhar Chauhan to illustrate seven unique leprechauns, each representing a different flavour theme. These illustrations added depth and character to the brand, immersing customers in a world of magical tastes and experiences.

To maximise the reach and engagement of Leprechaun Liquids on social media platforms, I enlisted the expertise of Ravi Swami to animate the leprechaun illustrations which we created Augmented Reality labels as well as social media ads.

These animations brought the brand's characters to life, captivating the audience and generating excitement around the products.

In the next project, I focused on the LL bar disposable, a new addition to the Leprechaun Liquids lineup. To effectively showcase its features and appeal, I collaborated with Grant Louden to create a visually stunning 3D animated promo film. This advertisement highlighted the sleek design and convenience of the LL bar, enticing potential customers with its dynamic presentation.

Through these various projects, the branding of Leprechaun Liquids came alive, capturing the imagination of customers and inviting them into a world of magical flavors and experiences. The combination of imaginative design, captivating illustrations, and engaging animations contributed to the success and recognition of the brand in the competitive vape industry.

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